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Since 1975, our primary ministry in Taiwan is to provide a Christian home for children who cannot live with their families. Since that time, we've also placed over 400 children internationally.  We're grateful you've taken the time to stop by...

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We are a non-profit Christian organization that is sponsored by individuals and independent Christian Churches.  In most cases these children are not available for adoption, but are sponsored by families, individuals, or groups in the United States.  Occasionally a child is available for adoption and generally these children come from unwed mothers.

Since 1975 we have placed children in Taiwan, Singapore, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Norway and the United States.  Having said that, we are not considered a large scale international operation.

​We handle the adoptions from Taiwan, working hand in hand with prospective parents. This keeps them involved, informed, and waiting on the Lord!

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Taiwan Contacts

Ted Skiles:

Bev Skiles:

Anna Fletcher:

To call from the US:    011.886.39.514654

US Contacts

Ted & Bev Skiles

109 S. Roney

Carl Junction, MO  64834 U.S.A.

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